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e-Store - Findartinfo.com

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About e-Store
Findartinfo.com's e-store is a meeting place for buyers and sellers and can be set up free of charge.

Findartinfo.com does not take any commission on either purchase or sale.

You can open a store by filling out the following page: Registering for e-Store

After completing this, you will have access for the administration of your own

store; the following page explains how: Member Administration Tour

Both private customers and traders are welcome.

We have three categories: Artworks - Antiques - Galleries

Artworks is the designation for all types of pictorial art and sculptures.

Antiques is the designation for older items from before 1950.

Galleries is the designation for pictorial art created by the artist him-/herself.

Use of the categories for newly manufactured goods is not permitted and findartinfo.com retains the right to remove goods which fall outside the three categories.

You can add your favorite links from the e-store as well and drive free traffic to your sites.
The latest artworks more
Mattoli, Craig
Naughty Girl
Mattoli, Craig
Mattoli, Craig
Gab Carelli (1821- 1900)
Suast, Etan
The Neighbor's Uncle
Mattoli, Craig
Frank William Warwick Topham (1838 - 1924)
Suast, Etan
Alfred Walter Williams
Suast, Etan
Common Faces
Mattoli, Craig

The latest antiques more
J. M. Blashfield, Mill Wall & Paddington, London
Ahern, Camille
Qinghua Vase
MacKenzie, Scot
Fabulous Antique Pre-Ban Ivory Dragon Netsuke - Signed
Murphy, Kathy
A pair of
& Fine Art, Capital Antiques
pair of carved Alabaster semi nude maidens
& Fine Art, Capital Antiques
Antique Famille Rose Vase
Murphy, Kathy
Fabulous Antique Signed Jade Buddha Netsuke
Murphy, Kathy
A pair of carved and gilt wood Angel wall brackets
& Fine Art, Capital Antiques
How to create an e-Store?
If you don't have an e-store or you want to manage your artworks, antiques, pictures, ...

The latest members
Past & Present, Charmaine's [Canada]
McEwan, Glenn [Canada]
Parswal, Neeraj Mrs [India]
Bitner, Sandy [United States ]
Nene, Anil [India]
Petkovic, Predrag [Austria]
Chung, PHam [Macedonia]
silbernberg, philip [Nertherlands]
Hall, Julie [United States ]
Watson, Scott [United States ]

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From: Perkowski, Richard
Gallery Schedule
From: Perkowski, Richard
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From: Perkowski, Richard
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