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About the Artwork
Three of her paintings hung in the White House for the entire first term of Eisenhower’s Administration. Six more were exhibited privately for him at a State Dinner in Key West.

USS QUILLBACK 10 x 13 Van’s submarine “portraits” were famous, three hanging in the White house for Eisenhower’s first term. “On 27 February, 1953.

Van Noble was born "Maudie Alice Vanderhorst Weatherly".While living in Charleston at age 12, she no longer wished to becalled "Maudie", but took on her ancesterial name abbreviated to Van.
Her grandmother was Mary Arthur Vanderhorst Weatherly and her great great-great grandfather, Johanes Van der Horst,landed in, and helped settle Charleston (Charles Towne) in 1684.
Van Noble (1957)
Size: 36 x 36 inches
Category: Acrylic
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