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My Antiques

18th-19th Century English, Mahogany Mule Chest
Type: Mable
Size: W: 60
in: Mable
18th Century Mother of pearl inlay Syrian chest
Type: Mable
Size: W: 60" H: 43" D: 24".
in: Mable
A pair of
Type: Bronze
Size: H: 12
in: Bronze
pair of carved Alabaster semi nude maidens
Type: Stone
Size: H: 19
in: Stone
A pair of carved and gilt wood Angel wall brackets
Type: Sculpter
Size: H: 11" W: 9" D: 7".
in: Sculpter
large pair of 19th Century "Black Forest" wall brackets
Type: Sculpter
Size: H: 18.5" W: 18.5" D: 10".
in: Sculpter
pair of Carved and Gilt Wood Wall Brackets, American Heron
Type: Sculpter
Size: H: 23
in: Sculpter
19th Century carved and gilt wood French second Empire Eagle
Type: Sculpter
Size: 26" X 26"
in: Sculpter

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