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Welcome to Cynthia McVay's e-Store

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Magic on Main

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My Bio/CV

Karen Eugenia Mitchell LaBach

Work experience

Publications and Advertising

* Worked for major Thoroughbred Industry publications such as The Thoroughbred Record and The Blood-Horse. Designed and produced both advertising and editorial content for fast-paced weekly's, as well as hundreds of books and newsletters, produced by both, including Bill Robertson's History of Thoroughbred Racing and Kent Hollingsworth's The Great Ones. Worked with various printers of above mentioned publications.
* Worked as the Advertising Director of Spendthrift Farm for nine years, during the years that the farm syndicated and stood Triple Crown winners Seattle Slew and Affirmed. Worked directly with John R. Gaines in the formulation stages of the Breeders Cup. Designed and produced all types of promotional and marketing materials for stallions of all price ranges. During this time the farm‘s agency won hundreds of awards from the Lexington Advertising Club including Best of Show.
* Have working knowledge of and have trained personnel to use most software used in publishing and communication.
* Worked as both a photographer's assistant and a photographer, as well as in photo-finishing.
* Excellent research and proofreading skills.
* Boundless Energy and Enthusiasm

Education BA Art, English Minor, University of Mississippi

2004 American Academy of Equine Art Workshops under James Crow and Booth Malone

2005 American Academy of Equine Art Workshops under Liz Scott and Karen Kasper

2006 AAEA workshop under Booth Malone and Shelley Hunter

2007 AAEA Workshop under C. W. Nave

Language Spanish and English

Volunteer Founder of the Lexington History Museum and volunteer on a regular basis. Assisted in the exhibits, "Racing on Main", "Jockeys of the Bluegrass", "Trainers of the Bluegrass" and Lexington History . Assisted in and loaned items for the exhibit at the Kentucky Horse Park's International Museum of the Horse, titled, "Kentucky Bloodlines".

Cynthia McVay's Artworks
in: Watercolor
Smallpox Introduction Site, North Dakota
Size: 20" x 30"
in: Print
Crazy Woman Battlefield, Wyoming
Size: 20" x 30"
in: Print
Sweet Medicine - UNM Press 1995
Size: 5x3
in: Print

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