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Welcome to Cynthia McVay's e-Store

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Magic on Main

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About me

I took my first photograph with a brownie hawkeye in 1955 (scarey thought). I accumulated over 10,000 negatives and slides, mostly B/W, before taking a 20 year hiatis from the captured image. During that time I picked up an airbrush and established Mystic Air Studio & Gallery in 1999 on the main street of Princeton, Minnesota. During 2003 I expanded and moved underground. After spraying my art on 100 custom vehicles I felt something was missing. Then an old lover began sneaking up behind me and whispering in my ear. One day I turned and looked her square in the eye. She had changed dramatically over the years. I was intrigued by how her round grain had become pixelated squares. This website displays my journey from grain to pixels and what happens when you mix the two. I believe fine art should engage a response, ignite a reaction, and initiate a moral, ethical, or aesthetic interaction between artist and viewer. Welcome to my world, where reality and illusion conspire to make life more interesting.

The latest artworks more
McVay, Cynthia
Smallpox Introduction Site, North Dakota
McVay, Cynthia
Crazy Woman Battlefield, Wyoming
McVay, Cynthia
Sweet Medicine - UNM Press 1995
McVay, Cynthia

The latest antiques more
McVay, Cynthia
McVay, Cynthia
McVay, Cynthia
Torso, My Muse - 4/9
McVay, Cynthia
Torso, My Muse - 3/9
McVay, Cynthia
Torso, My Muse - Artist Proof
McVay, Cynthia
Cynthia McVay
Address: Kentucky, 40324-1738
Tel # : (502) 867-3816
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