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Welcome to Richard Perkowski's e-Store

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Fine Art Digital Photography Flanders, New Jersey

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Posted: 19 March 2008
Prices depend on -

The size required - The number of people in the portrait - The finish Canvas or Paper.

Fees are based on portraits having a relatively simple background, for detailed backgrounds add an extra 25%. For an additional person add 50%.

Additional services such as travel, lodging, framing, and shipping expenses are extra to the prices listed above.

Shipping in the UK is 10.00GBP delivery outside the UK will be charged at cost.

Commissions can take two to three months from placement of order.

Before any work on your picture commences and any deposits asked for, we will access your pictures and send you recommendations and a firm price based on the size, components and media to be used. This is a personal bespoke service, not a one size fits all service. It is possible therefore to adapt to specific requirements.

More specific details and prices will be provided on another site (in progress) initially e-mail me for details, sizes and prices.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Models comments

Friendly, organized photographer. First shoot he made some aerial pictures lovely with his digital skills, then we did some movement and fashion. Very clear ideas, well prepared, let me come up with ideas for poses then directed them well. - Katie Hardwick

Very friendly & kind photographer, had an excellent outdoor shoot with him along with my partner - Model Guy

.............he was great to work with, and the results were as good as that of any professional. No hesitations in recommending Lloyd - Katy T

........................ had a good time and was comfortable to be around. The images arrived in good time.- Poppymclean

.................. really lovely guy. Would definitely recommend.- Hayley K

Fantastic photographer, felt at ease and really easy to get along with, hope to work with him again later this year. - Model Kitti
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kingston town
in: Painting
Blissful Day
in: Pencil
Serene Countenance
in: Print
in: Painting
Echoing Green
Size: 12x25
in: Painting

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