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Pair Carved Handpainted Bone Chinese Figurines c.1920
Pair of carved and handpainted Chinese Bone Figurines on wooden stands. Each figurine stands at 5.75"H, the stands are 1.5"H each. Excellent condition, no breaks or repairs. ...
Owner: Nakovics, Bianca
graphic works ...
Owner: Fetting, Maryna
Digital Art
digital art ...
Owner: Fetting, Maryna
My Gallery
Abstract oil paintings ...
Owner: Fetting, Maryna
The medium is European Dame Deer Antler and this is an abstract piece showing the spirits of the Deer, the Bear, the Eagle and the Goose, this piece is mounted on soapstone and the ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
The medium is European Dame Deer Antler and is my presentation of a healing bear that comes into the dream time of people who are sick and brings them the healing that they pray fo ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
Niskah (Canada Goose)
The medium is White Tail Deer Antler and is a combination of carving and painting my presentation of the spirit of the Niskah or Canada Goose and the journeys they make twice a yea ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
ma angishung (Little Loons)
This painting is acrylic oil on canvas and in a woodland spiritual presentation, my presentation of the spirituality of the common loon. This also shows the continuation of the spe ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
wakhongeh (Wolverine)
This is acrylic oil on canvas in a Woodland Style presentation of wahkhongeh the Wolverine. The wolverine is a hardy, tough, dangerous and secretive creature. Since he is that way, ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
niin manandawiwaywin (My Healing)
This is acrylic oil on canvas and is a dramatic abstract piece. This painting is a metaphor for my own healing journey. The steps leading downwards representing where I had to go i ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
makinak miniss (Turtle Island)
This is acrylic oil on canvas and Woodland Style presenting a turtle form and the lines meaning the main direction in which we move with the medicine of life. In the turtle's shell ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
WigWas (Tree Of Life)
This is acrylic oil on canvas a Woodland Spiritual Style presentation of my idea of a view in the spirit world looking out to this reality we live in. In that view as represented b ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
Kookoomis Manitou Muskwa (Grandmother Spirit Bear)
This is acrylic oil on canvas and is my presentation of Grand Mother Spirit Bear. In the winter months new bears all over the world are born. In that sacred moment just before the ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
Keewatinook Ma'ang (Arctic Loons)
This is an acrylic oil on canvas Woodland Spiritual Style painting. This is my presentation of two Arctic loons in the evening, a family and the male loon is making the long haunti ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
Wasstaykwabitgoosis (Reflections)
This is acrylic oil on canvas and is a Woodland Spiritual style painting.This is the best way I know how to demonstrate the difference between how two different peoples spiritualit ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
Mitootsan (Sweat Lodge)
This XXLarge Woodland Spiritual style painting is acrylic oil on canoe canvas on and over a wooden frame. This is my presentation of the importance of the sweat lodge to our people ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
Spirit Healing Eagle
This is a medium sized moose antler carving that is carved by hand and carved in extreme detail on one side incorporating two dream catchers carved in the paddle. The eyes are hand ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
Spirit Golden Eagle
This is a highly detail carving done entirely by hand, every feather is extremely detailed and BOTH sides of this moose antler is carved, hand cut and hand polished abalone shell a ...
Owner: Frost, Dwayne
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