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Welcome to Kathy Murphy's e-Store

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The latest artworks more
The Kiss – Glass Charger by Klimt signed by Italian Glass artist
Murphy, Kathy
Man & Woman Embracing figurine – artist proof by L. Heller
Murphy, Kathy
E. Popplewell Orchid String Photo
Murphy, Kathy
Erin Popplewell Country Road - Photo
Murphy, Kathy
Leather Wall Art by Sandra Cioci Flores Sobre Negro 13/50
Murphy, Kathy
Framed Orchid photo titled "Tropical" by E. Popplewell
Murphy, Kathy
Abstract Nude Dancer Print by D Burton
Murphy, Kathy
Abstract Handpainted Clay Vase by Shulle----
Murphy, Kathy

The latest antiques more
Fabulous Pre-ban Ivory Smiling Buddha Netsuke - Signed
Murphy, Kathy
Fabulous Antique Signed Jade Buddha Netsuke
Murphy, Kathy
Fabulous Antique Pre-Ban Ivory Dragon Netsuke - Signed
Murphy, Kathy
Antique Famille Rose Vase
Murphy, Kathy
Antique Gilt & Jeweled Wooden Tibetan Buddha
Murphy, Kathy
Kathy Murphy
Address: 9440 SW 8th St. # 408
Country: United States
Tel # : 561-470-5141
Website: www.endlesstreasures.org
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